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The Real in Real-Time Photoreal Digital Humans

Doug Roble – Digital Domain

In April 2019 at the TED Conference in Vancouver, we introduced the world to DigiDoug, a photorealistic avatar that runs in real time. This presentation will go into the details of how that was done and where we are now with the technology. This talk will concentrate on the “real” in both real-time and photoreal.

Personal Profile
Doug Roble
Senior Director of Software R&D – Digital Domain

Doug is the Senior Director of Software R&D at Digital Domain. During his long (25+ years!) tenure at Digital Domain, he’s worked on a myriad of projects: a computer vision toolkit that won a Sci/Tech Academy Award (1998), a motion capture editing suite, a couple of fluid simulation packages (which led to another Sci/Tech Award in 2007) and is currently fascinated with incorporating machine learning techniques into visual effects, especially character animation. He’s been the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Graphics Tools (2006-2011) and is the chair of the Academy’s Sci/Tech Awards committee (2018) and a member of the Academy’s Sci/Tech Council. This all started with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Ohio State University way back in 1992.

Company Presentation
Digital Domain

Digital Domain creates transportive experiences that entertain, inform and inspire. Our company is a pioneer in many fields, including visual effects, livestreaming landmark events in 360° virtual reality, building situational awareness applications, creating “virtual humans” for use in films and live events, and developing interactive content.