Code of Conduct

Events Code of Conduct 

Latest Update:  Feb 12, 2023

RealTime Community (hereinafter referred to as “RTC”) is committed to providing a positive, safe, and respectful environment for all participants. This Code of Conduct (the “Code”) in support of that goal applies to all attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers (the “Participants”) of RTC events. RTC will enforce this Code throughout its events.

We expect cooperation to ensure a safe environment for all Participants. Anyone who breaches this Code, may have their access to the event suspended without a refund, be asked to leave the event, and/or may be banned from attending subsequent events.

General Requirements

  1. All Participants are expected to contribute to a positive, safe and harassment-free conference. Harassment is any verbal or non-verbal behaviour that threatens another person or group and that reinforces social structures of domination related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religion. Harassment can also take the form of harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks during events, inappropriate physical contact and unwelcome sexual attention.
  2. RTC does not allow any abuse of power, including abuses related to position, wealth, race or gender.
  3. Participants must be respectful in their comments and how they interact with others. This means that we will not tolerate any insults or aggressive language, including towards our staff. You may dislike, disagree or be disappointed with a presentation, a comment or a question. However, be mindful that what you post to social media or chat, or otherwise write, say or project to others may hurt other Participants.
  4. We do not tolerate any discriminatory language, attitudes or measures, including for technology choices, opinions, and any motives recognized under applicable laws. All Participants must be treated equally, and Participants may not engage in any form of discrimination whatsoever.
  5. We respect the right to privacy of our Participants, and we ask you to do the same. This means that Participants should not take pictures of other attendees without their permission, and should respect the confidentiality of the information on other attendees’ devices, under all circumstances. Harassing photography or recording is formally forbidden. No invasion of privacy will be tolerated.
  6. Our events are professional events. We ask all Participants to avoid sexualised clothing, uniforms or costumes or otherwise dressing or presenting themselves in ways that create a sexualised environment. The use of gratuitous sexual images is not authorized.


  1. Attendees are welcome to ask questions and interact with other Participants within the regulations and specific allowed avenues of each event. However, during a speaker session, attendees must respect the time allocated to the speaker and restrict their comments to concise, clear, and respectful questions and only when allowed or solicited. Attendees may disagree with speakers and other Participants, but they must choose the appropriate forum, form and time to do so, so as not to be disruptive.
  2. When attending speaker sessions or networking, attendees must be respectful of other Participants by limiting their distractions and adhering to the rules of the location itself, whether physical or digital. RTC will not tolerate disruption of talks, speaker sessions or events.
  3. In the case where a speaker makes a request for confidentiality over a matter, a statement or the material presented, all attendees are required to respect this request.


  1. Speakers must frame discussions as openly and inclusively as possible and be aware of how language or images may be perceived by others, especially given the international aspect of our events.
  2. Speakers are not authorized to engage in sales speech or to use RTC events to overtly market their products or services.
  3. Speakers must be prepared and professional during their presentations. This means industry standards of quality for presentations are expected, including for any visuals submitted or presented.
  4. Speakers may not use content, including visuals, which they are not authorized to use, including any images or content for which they do not have intellectual property.
  5. Speakers must hand in materials on time, and participate in preparation meetings as required from time to time.
  6. Speakers must respect their commitments, including any due date they agreed upon.

Contact us to report an incident.

If you have been involved in or have witnessed an incident that violates this Code of Conduct, please report is to us without undue delay. We will investigate all incidents reported at an event with discretion and confidentiality.