Digital Humans

Unreal Engine – Digital Humans Initiative

Vladimir Mastilovic – Director of Digital Humans

Presentation will introduce Digital Humans Initiative as part of the Unreal Engine team at Epic Games. We will provide an overview of the team, fast overview of the history of the initiative, it’s current efforts and a view into the future efforts.

Personal Profile
Vladimir Mastilovic
Director of Digital Humans

Vladimir Mastilovic is founder of 3Lateral, a company dedicated to creation of high end characters and creatures for games, cinematics and film. 3Lateral is a world leader in the creation of facial systems. Vladimir is reponsible for principal design of the facial rigging technologies and pipeline. 3Lateral’s facial work balances a range of factors to deliver high end production solutions that are deployed in AAA games internationally.
3Lateral has been acquired by Epic Games in January 2019 and since then Vladimir has been directing development of digital humans for Unreal Engine.

Company Presentation
3Lateral is built around passion for creating characters and creatures. It gathers most diverse people since this is industry that has to marry seemingly incompatible skills – rebellious artistry and disciplined engineering practices. This is exactly the type of fusion of skills that excites and surprises us, when we find inspiration in the opposite character. This is where magic, the fundamental force that drives all animators, happens for us and makes us confident in the path we see to our visions.
3Lateral has been acquired by Epic Games in January 2019 and since then, 3Lateral team has been a part of Unreal Engine team.