Expand your Business by Proudly Sponsoring the RealTime Conference.

Engage with Top-Notch
Decision Makers

Forge relationships with C-Level executives, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Generate New Leads

Build the right relationships with key decision-makers to ensure your business continues to grow and expand.

Increase Brand Exposure

Elevate your company’s identity and promote your brand, tools, and expertise to key players in the global real-time community.

Accelerate Time-to-Markets

RTES attracts companies looking for solutions and ready to invest right now. 92% of our audience plans to increase their real-time investment in the next two-to-three years.

Discover new Business Ideas

Hear from leaders in all areas of real-time, from industries with innovative strategies for growing their business using real-time, and from attendees looking for real-time solutions – maybe yours!

Engage with Highly
Motivated Professionals

RTES sets the scene for discussions and deals. Mingle with the keynote speakers, delegates and companies that are driving growth in the real-time industries.


Submit a Keynote (or two!), Curate Your Own Track, Host a Panel…

A Community Driven Approach

Sponsorship is a key component of RealTime Conference. But our approach is community driven.

We have approached the business of the conference as a collaboration, working with a group of highly motivated sponsors to drive specific marketing objectives, if they serve the great good of the real-time community and the integrity of the conference itself.

We believe significant high-profile demonstrations of the power of real-time technology are important at this point of maturation of the industry. We invite partners to shape and participate in these showcases to guarantee they create maximum attention in the tech/business communities. Direct input into technology providers and collaborators is encouraged.


Submit a Keynote

High Profile Keynote Presentation

Your Company is invited to provide a high profile keynote presentation at RTC 2023. This keynote will be given premium placement and promotion.

Delivering keynote presentations at RTC is an excellent opportunity for your company to showcase their thought leadership, enhance their brand’s visibility and credibility, network with industry peers, share valuable insights, and contribute to the advancement of the real-time industry as a whole.


Delivering Keynote Presentation at RTC Holds Several Crucial Benefits
for Your Company

Thought Leadership

Giving a keynote positions your company as one of the main thought leaders in the field.
It allows your company to share unique insights, trends, and innovative ideas, establishing Your Company as one of the main authoritative figures and experts within the industry.

Networking and Relationships

Keynote presentations at RTC attract a wide range of attendees, including other industry experts, potential clients, partners, and investors. This creates valuable networking opportunities that can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities.

Engagement and Interaction

Keynote presentations at RTC encourage audience engagement through Q&A sessions, discussions, and follow-up interactions. This interaction helps your company connect with attendees, address their inquiries, and gain deeper insights into their needs and concerns.

Content Creation

Keynote presentations at RTC result in valuable content such as videos, transcripts, and summaries. Your company can leverage this content across various platforms, such as social media, websites, and blogs, to extend their reach and engage a broader audience.

Educational Impact

Keynotes at RTC allow Your Company to educate the audience about emerging technologies, trends, and best practices. Sharing knowledge and insights contribute to the overall growth and advancement of the real-time industry.

Inspiration and Motivation

Your Company Keynote has the power to inspire and motivate the audience.
Your Company can share success stories, challenges overcome, and lessons learned, offering valuable inspiration to fellow professionals and aspiring individuals in the field.


Propose a Special Track

We extend an invitation to your company to curate a dedicated track focused on a subject of their choosing. This track will be developed in close collaboration with the Head of Programming at RTC to ensure that it aligns with the overall mission of RTC and aligns with the conference’s overarching theme.

The purpose of this track is to gather experts in the area of interest identified by your company. It will commence with an opening keynote presented by a representative from your company, followed by a series of 3 to 5 concise presentations (each lasting 15 minutes).

The session will conclude with an engaging panel discussion.


Proposing a special track at RTC empowers your company to showcase their
expertise, network with industry peers, and gain heightened visibility.

Thought Leadership

Creating a dedicated track allows your Company to position itself as a thought leader and subject matter expert in a specific field or topic of their choice within the real-time technology space. This showcases their knowledge and authority, enhancing their brand’s reputation.

Customized Content

Your Company has the autonomy to select a topic that directly aligns with their expertise, products, or services. This ensures that the content is tailored to their strengths and resonates with their target audience, maximizing engagement and relevance.


Hosting a track provides Your Company with an excellent platform to network and build relationships with other experts, participants, and potential partners who share a keen interest in the chosen topic. This can lead to valuable collaborations and business opportunities.


A dedicated track brings attention and visibility to your company within the RealTime Community. It increases their exposure among conference attendees and participants interested in the subject matter, potentially leading to increased brand recognition and customer interest.

Content Curation

Your company can curate the content of the track, ensuring that it aligns with their messaging and objectives. This allows them to communicate their unique value proposition effectively and educate the audience about their products or services.


The track format, including presentations and panel discussions, fosters engagement with the audience. Your company can interact directly with attendees, answer questions, and gather valuable feedback, enhancing their understanding of market needs.

Community Building

Hosting a track demonstrates your company’s commitment to the RealTime Community’s growth and development. It can help foster a sense of community around the chosen topic, strengthening relationships with stakeholders and potential customers.

Marketing Opportunity

Your company can leverage their involvement in the track to promote their participation at the RealTime Conference. This can be used as a marketing tool to attract a wider audience and generate buzz around their contributions.


Take the Lead: Host Your Company Panel

The RealTime Conference extends a special opportunity to your company to host their very own panel session. Panel discussions consistently receive high praise and are among the most anticipated highlights of the RealTime Conference.

As the host, your company has the creative freedom to define the panel’s theme, working closely with RTC’s Head of Programming to ensure it aligns seamlessly with the conference’s objectives. Your company can curate the panel’s list of participants, extending invitations on behalf of both your company and RTC.

Rest assured, RTC will handle all the logistical aspects of panel organization. This includes confirming speakers, collecting pertinent information for the conference website, such as panelists’ biographies and headshots, crafting abstracts, and coordinating rehearsal and technical checks, ensuring a seamless and successful panel session.


Hosting a panel at RTC is a Fantastic Opportunity for Your Company
to Advance Their Position as a Leader in the Real-Time Technology Sector

Thought Leadership

Hosting a panel allows your company to establish itself as a thought leader in its industry or a specific domain within real-time technology. It provides a platform to share insights, expertise, and innovative ideas with a broad audience, positioning your company as a key influencer in the field.

Content Control

Your company can shape the panel’s theme, ensuring it directly aligns with their expertise, products, or services. This level of control over the content enables your company to convey their unique value proposition, educate the audience about their offerings, and address topics that are most relevant to their target market.


Panel hosting provides an excellent networking opportunity. Your company can invite industry experts, potential partners, and customers to participate in the discussion. This fosters valuable connections and relationship-building, potentially leading to collaborations, business opportunities, and strengthened industry relationships.


Hosting a panel increases your company’s visibility at the conference. It positions them as a prominent player, drawing attention from conference attendees and participants interested in the chosen panel topic. This heightened visibility can result in increased brand recognition and potential customer engagement.

Content Contribution

By hosting a panel, your company can contribute valuable content to the conference agenda. This not only benefits attendees but also showcases your company’s commitment to knowledge-sharing and advancing the industry’s understanding of real-time technology.

Audience Engagement

Panel discussions are known for their high audience engagement. your company can directly interact with conference attendees, answer questions, and gather feedback, deepening their understanding of market needs and customer perspectives.

Community Building

Hosting a your company panel demonstrates commitment to building and nurturing the RealTime Community. It contributes to the collective knowledge exchange and helps forge connections among attendees, stakeholders, and potential customers.

Marketing and Promotion

Your company can leverage its panel hosting opportunity as a marketing tool. They can promote their participation in advance, generate excitement among their target audience, and use the event to showcase their brand’s strengths and capabilities.


Highlight Your Company’s Expertise by Participating in Panel Discussions
Spanning RTC’s Varied Ecosystem

We extend a warm invitation to your company to designate their representatives to actively participate in a broad spectrum of panel sessions featured across the RTC program. These sessions cover an extensive range of topics, encompassing AECO, Digital Fashion, Logistics, Automotive, Virtual Production, Healthcare, Animation, Open USD, Web-RTC, Generative AI, and beyond.

Taking part in these panel discussions at RTC presents a pivotal opportunity for your company to demonstrate their proficiency, establish connections with peers from diverse industries, bolster their credibility, and make substantial contributions to the advancement of the field. Moreover, this engagement offers a platform for nurturing invaluable relationships and exploring business opportunities that transcend the conventional boundaries that often segregate industries.


The Significance of Your Company’s Participation in Panel Discussions
Across Multifaceted Communities

Showcasing Versatility

By participating in panels spanning a wide array of topics, your company demonstrates its adaptability and versatility within the real-time technology space. This versatility can attract a broader audience and potential customers who are interested in various facets of real-time technology.

Knowledge Dissemination

Actively participating in these sessions allows your company to share its expertise, insights, and solutions across multiple domains. This knowledge dissemination not only enhances your company’s reputation but also contributes to the growth and advancement of the industry as a whole.

Networking Opportunities

Engaging in diverse panel discussions provides your company with ample networking opportunities. It enables them to connect with professionals, thought leaders, and experts from various industries, fostering valuable relationships that can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and new business prospects.

Credibility and Thought Leadership

Being a part of panels on a wide range of topics positions your company as a credible authority and thought leader in the real-time technology field. It strengthens the company’s credibility and reinforces its status as a go-to resource for innovative solutions.

Market Expansion

Participating in discussions beyond your company’s usual ecosystem allows them to explore new markets and industries. This expansion can open doors to untapped customer segments and diversify their client base.


Diverse panel sessions often bring forth unique challenges and perspectives. Your company’s participation allows them to contribute to problem-solving and offer insights that may not be apparent to those solely focused on one niche.

Industry Collaboration

These discussions encourage cross-industry collaboration. Your company can identify synergies, common challenges, and opportunities for collaboration with other companies and organizations involved in real-time technology across various sectors.

Fostering Innovation

Exposure to a wide range of topics and ideas can inspire innovation within your company. Insights gained from one industry or domain can lead to innovative solutions and approaches in another, fostering a culture of continuous innovation.


Provide Real-Time Live Demos and Technology Events

Space in the program will be reserved for your company to provide significant and high-profile demonstrations of the power of real-time technology.

Real-Time Live Demos at RTC offer your company a dynamic and impactful way to showcase their offerings, engage with attendees, differentiate themselves, and create a memorable presence.

Your company demos will not only provide a tangible understanding of the technology but also boost your company’s visibility and leave a lasting impression among RTC attendees and the wider tech community.


Real-Time Live Demos Play a Vital Role at RTC and Significantly
Enhance Your Company’s Visibility for Several Compelling Reasons

Engaging and Memorable

Real-Time Live Demos are interactive and visually captivating, making them highly engaging for attendees. They provide a hands-on experience that leaves a lasting impression, increasing the chances that attendees will remember your company’s offerings.

Concrete Understanding

Live demos allow attendees to see your company’s technology or solution in action, providing a concrete understanding of its capabilities and benefits. This helps attendees grasp the practical applications and value of Your Company’s offerings.

Proof of Concept

Live demos serve as tangible proof of your company’ claims and promises. Seeing the technology work in real-time validates its effectiveness and fosters trust among potential customers.

Audience Interaction

Live demos encourage audience interaction, as attendees can ask questions, explore features, and seek clarifications during the demonstration. This interaction creates a personalized experience and helps your company address specific concerns.

Competitive Differentiation

A well-executed live demo set your company apart from competitors. It showcases your company unique features and advantages, making your company offerings stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Direct Feedback

Real-Time Live Demos offer your company the opportunity to receive immediate feedback from RTC attendees. This feedback can be invaluable for refining the product, addressing concerns,
and enhancing user experience.

Networking Opportunities

Engaging live demos attract the attention of RTC attendees, including potential clients, partners, investors, and media. This creates networking opportunities and can lead to valuable business connections.

Content Creation

Live demos at RTC are recorded and shared on various platforms, extending their reach beyond the event itself. Your company can leverage this content for post-event marketing efforts, maximizing your company’s visibility.

Viral Potential

An impressive live demo has the potential to go viral on social media or tech news outlets. The captivating nature of the demo can lead to it being shared widely, amplifying your company’s visibility



Your company’s logo prominently displayed in the partner section of the RTC website, with link to your website

Mention in all RTC marketing activities, including PR, Web & Social Media.

Access to “opt-in” registered participants information.

Video Blackmagic Design Reel during event (3 minutes or less. Shown 4 times daily)


We are immensely proud to establish the your company logo as one of the foremost partners of distinction for the RealTime Conference.


RTC Takes Great Pride in Enhancing the Visibility of  Your Company During our Diverse Range of Events.

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