What is RTC?

RealTime Community

RTC offers the most complete resource and holistic hub for real-time professionals to come together to learn, share and collaboratively and in real-time – all year long, from anywhere on the planet.



RealTime Society

Spring 2022

The RealTime Society is a professional organization representing and serving the full breadth of members of the real-time community. 

RealTime Conference

November 7 – 9, 2022

The fully virtual cross-industry RealTime Conference continues, bringing the worldwide real-time community together to connect, learn and discover – in real-time.

RealTime Economics Summit

October 10 – 11, 2022

RealTime Economics Summit is an in-person exclusive and invitation only summit for 250 business and creative professionals in the real-time industries.

RealTime Club

Winter 2022

A series of cutting-edge monthly meetups with a selected group of real-time visionaries and innovators to keep the conversation going between conferences. 

RealTime Institute


A real-time training program tailored to the needs of the industry and the community.

RealTime Research Lab


A research lab committed to developing innovative and practical solutions to real-time challenges.

What is Real-Time?

“Real-Time Technology has the power to revolutionize the creative process across all industries. Being able to make instantaneous decisions within a near-photoreal interactive environment is utterly transformative. It empowers you to make big changes to a scene and see them immediately in context. This is a better, quicker, and much more efficient way of creating content.” 
Kim Libreri – CTO – Epic Games


Jean-Michel Blottière
CEO / Founder

Victoria Abrash
United States Producer

Bruce Boshouwers
Senior Advisor, International

Ajay Rai
Director of Technology

Susan Schell
France Producer

Juvina Ines Ten
Graphic Director

Thomas Haegele

Dave Gougé

Manny Francisco

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Biljana Labovic

Alvaro Lamarche-Toloza

Wanda Meloni

Greg Mitchell

Xavier Nicolas

Jan Plueger

Andrew Schmied

Renate Schneider

Paolo Tamburrino

Philipp Wolf