The Real-Time (R)Evolution: Embracing AI Advancements 
December 4-6 | Global | Fully Virtual | Free 

“In today’s fast-paced world, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into real-time applications and services has become increasingly prevalent. However, AI has often been met with skepticism, fear, or misconceptions within the real-time community. “Real-Time (R)Evolution: Embracing AI Advancements” is an initiative aimed at providing a clear understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) concepts, technologies, and applications to the members of the RealTime Community. 

The primary goal of Real-Time (R)Evolution: Embracing AI Advancements is to bridge the knowledge gap and empower community members to leverage AI effectively in their real-time operations. This involves breaking down complex AI concepts into simpler terms, providing practical examples and use cases, and addressing common misconceptions or fears surrounding AI. By enhancing their understanding of AI concepts and facilitating practical implementation, RTC will hopefully enable RealTime Community members to unlock the full potential of AI in their respective domains”

Jean Michel Blottiere, Founder & CEO – RTC 


RTC is the World’s Premiere Event for Real-Time Technologies. It’s a fully virtual live show (no prerecorded sessions!), in real-time, about real-time, and using real-time technologies. We start at 6 AM PT | 9 AM ET | 2 PM GMT | 3 PM CET, etc. and bring speakers and attendees from all over the world for 12 to 16 hours per day, 3 days in a row, following the sun across time zones! And best of all, it’s FREE! 


The RTC audience is comprised of knowledgeable and senior real-time professionals and executive decision-makers from across the globe that work in industries including Virtual Production, Animation, Digital Fashion, Automotive, AECO, Broadcasting, Real-Time Live Shows, and more. Speakers are requested to provide thought-provoking presentations to help them gain a diverse and comprehensive understanding of the intersection of AI and real-time technologies. 



Featured Tracks

Digital Fashion | Fashion Forward: How AI is Shaping the Digital Runway
The RTC audience is comprised of knowledgeable and senior real-time professionals and executive decision-makers from across the globe that work in industries including Virtual Production, Animation, Digital Fashion, Automotive, AECO, Broadcasting, Real-Time Live Shows, and more. Speakers are requested to provide thought-provoking presentations to help them gain a diverse and comprehensive understanding of the intersection of AI and real-time technologies.


Virtual Production | Exploring the AI-Enabled Virtual Production Frontier
Join our forward-looking track, “Virtual Production | Exploring the AI-Enabled Frontier.” Dive into adoption and integration hurdles, collaboration, surprising synergies, and technological fulcrums
– Headsets, OpenUSD, etc. We’ll explore AI-related topics such as DLSS, Gen AI, NLP, and their transformative impact on « traditional » Virtual Production. Plus, hear NERF/Gaussian splatting success stories and discuss assets and pipelines. Be part of this visionary journey! 

How can AI be used in education to enhance speed, optimization, and interoperability?
Join the “AI in Education” track and explore the following themes:
• Utilizing AI tools (Unreal Engine, Nuke, Houdini, Adobe)
• Enhancing speed and optimization with AI
• Addressing challenges and ethical considerations in AI usage
• AI’s role in achieving interoperability.
Discover the RTC Education Special Interest Group’s ‘Proof of Concept’ initiative, aimed at creating an Accelerator Program aligned with industry needs. Learn about our ongoing project: the IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Project focusing on Real Time XR Sport Accessibility. Lastly, enjoy the Student Showcase and witness how students are employing AI in virtual production.

Navigating the Real-Time Tech World: Mastering Transferable Skills for Student Success
Join our virtual panel discussion as we explore the key transferable skills that can catapult students into successful entry-level careers in the fast-paced world of real-time technology. Our expert panelists, composed of industry veterans and educators, will share their insights, practical tips, and real-world experiences to help students gain a competitive edge. Whether you’re a student looking to break into the field or an educator guiding the next generation, this event will equip you with the knowledge and tools to thrive in this dynamic industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to chart your path to success in real-time technology!

Driving the Future: AI Integration and Real-Time Innovation in Automotive
Join our track, “Driving the Future: AI Integration and Real-Time Innovation in Automotive,” and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving automotive landscape. In this session, you will learn about the current state of technology for simulation, product development, and lifecycle in automotive. We will not only share insights in the current use of real-time technologies in different areas but also discuss the changes deriving from the integration of AI-driven tools. How does the Potential of AI influence the way products are developed and what future products are on their way?
Our experts will provide valuable insights, and the panel discussion will paint a vivid picture of the automotive sector’s near future. Don’t miss this opportunity to drive innovation forward!


Driving the Future – part 2: Building virtual worlds for training autonomous vehicles
This section delves into the realm of constructing virtual environments tailored for the development and training of autonomous vehicles. We will explore the intersection of cutting-edge computer simulation technology and machine learning, showcasing how simulated worlds contribute to the safety, efficiency, and rapid evolution of autonomous driving systems. Attendees will gain insights into the challenges and breakthroughs in virtual testing grounds, the intricacies of realistic scenario modeling, and the role these virtual worlds play in preparing self-driving cars for the complexities of the real world. 

Driving the Future – part 3: Materials for Simulated Worlds
As visualization is no longer reduced to render static marketing images but an essential part of product development and evaluation, the requirements for virtual representations of materials steadily increased.
Nowadays it is essential to cover the early-stage material development as well as to cover the whole journey of customer experience in a digital manner. This session gives an insight on how these materials are generated and integrated into different pipelines from the perspective of toolchains and creators.

Driving the Future – part 4: Interface goes spatial – Future Trends in UX
We are all familiar with 2D User Interfaces and physical displays but the future drawn by many key players is spatial. This session delves into the current development regarding tools and how UX is preparing us for the interface of the future. We will talk with our experts about the progress of technology and about the possibilities to interact with our environment in the future.

Digital Twin Simulation for Bridging AI Into The Real World
Robots and smart systems are increasingly present in our daily lives, but challenges hinder their seamless integration into human workspaces. Recent advancements in Embodied AI, powered by Generative AI models, aim to enhance robots’ decision-making and adaptability. However, these models are often unpredictable and biased, raising safety concerns. Real-time digital twin simulations in high-fidelity virtual worlds offer a solution to test AI’s behavior in various scenarios before real-world implementation. This talk explores robotics development, integrating Large Language Models (LLMs), user interactions, and AI model training in virtual environments.

Scaled Simulations: A shared lifetime in service to illusion
Rahul Thakkar and Apurva Shah have shared a life-long journey from growing up in Mumbai to studies in computer science to relocating to America and finding themselves working in computer graphics for motion pictures. The creation of virtual replicas of physical assets and simulation processes has long been employed extensively in the visual effects (VFX) industry for movies to create realistic and immersive environments, characters, and effects. Today they find themselves individually helming companies at the forefront of industrial scale digital twin frameworks using AI-driven simulation technologies. Rahul and Apurva will discuss some of the key similarities, the differences, and opportunities learned from their collaborations, under the guidance of Barbara Ford Grant.

Cloud native real-time 3D: seamless collaboration, increased efficiencies, and cross-industry transformational changes
Join 3dverse’s CTO, Houssem Achouri, in a pivotal fireside discussion that delves into the transformative potential of cloud-native real-time 3D and its game-changing impacts. Gain insights from industry trailblazers across the medical, fashion, education, and AEC sectors as they share firsthand experiences of how harnessing our cloud-native not only accelerated their product launches but also fortified their strategic position.

Divine Spark – how AI is reshaping/not replacing the future of storytelling.
Burgeoning AI tools and technologies are entering the creative process and challenging our understanding of imagination of the future of authorship. We will delve into the potential impacts and opportunities for creators from design to creation to consumer experience with three creative leaders working at the edge of AI and imagination.


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