Virtual Production

Virtual Production Real-Time animation in film production and live events

Brett Ineson – Animatrik Film Design

Brett Ineson will share his experience working on various projects utilizing real-time game engine rendering. Case studies will include live to air broadcasting, live theatre events, and film and television production

Personal Profile
Bret Ineson
President & CTO – Animatrik Film Design

Brett Ineson has close to 20 years’ experience in visual effects, 15 of which has been spent in the field of performance capture. Brett sits on the board of the Motion Capture Society. He has worked in production with industry leaders such as Weta Digital and in technology development with Vicon, Lightstorm Entertainment and Autodesk. In 2004 he founded Animatrik Film Design to specialize in performance capture for film, games and television.
He is recognized as an expert in his field and continues to provide Virtual Production consulting services to industry leaders. He consistently pushes the boundaries for Virtual Production as a whole through the development and deployment of new solutions and innovations. Brett’s film credits include District 9, Warcraft, Spiderman Homecoming, Deadpool 2, Ready Player one, Elysium, and Lord of the Rings: Return of the Kings.

Company Presentation
Animatrik Film Design

Animatrik is a world leader in groundbreaking motion capture, pre-visualisation and virtual cinematography services. Headquartered in Vancouver, it is home to the largest independent motion capture sound stage in North America. Animatrik also operates a second location in Los Angeles, US.
Animatrik was founded by Brett Ineson, with the express purpose of providing the most up-to-date and efficient stage and location-based performance capture and virtual camera services. Animatrik’s team of technicians and visual effects artists come with incredible pedigree and experience, having worked on the entertainment industry’s biggest blockbusters and most innovative visual effects experiences.