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How Realtime Engines Can Kill the Video Gods

Ryan Damm – Visby

If realtime engines are going to become the next wave of video, what still needs to be built? We’ll figure out the biggest missing pieces by surveying the ecosystem, from content creators to network operators to consumers. How will content be created? How does the real world end up on these devices? And when will consumers care?

Personal Profile
Ryan Damm
CEO – Visby
Ryan Damm is a camera nerd, technologist, and light field expert. He’s been shooting video since the early 90s, and building custom film equipment since ~2000. In pursuit of better images, he’s written (buggy) software, soldered miles of cables, welded crash housings, and destroyed a humbling number of cameras. In 2015 he cofounded Visby, a light field technology company.

Company Presentation
Visby is a full-stack light field technology company: from content capture to distribution, Visby’s software makes beautiful, immersive imagery possible.