JUNE 8 & 9, 2020 TRACKS

Immersive Storytelling

Vehicles and VR: An In-Car Entertainment Revolution Is Coming

Jan Pflueger
 – AdvisXR

Sol Rogers – REWIND
Nils Wollny – holoride

German entertainment-tech startup, holoride, and immersive content studio, REWIND, have joined forces to shape the in-car entertainment experience of the future. holoride technology takes virtual reality content and matches it with data points from the vehicle in real-time, creating an extremely immersive experience.
This session will answer the following:
Why is the autonomous car the next entertainment frontier? And how is the passenger economy already now relevant?
How does virtual reality in a car work and what is elastic content?
What opportunities and challenges does this open up for creatives, media, and brands?

Personal Profile
Jan Pflueger
Founder & Advisor – AdvisXR

Jan was an early adopter of digital technologies for the creative area. The potential of VR was obvious for him, so he started exploring new interaction techniques and developed interaction devices for spatial environments in the field of research.
His long-time passion for AR and VR led him to establish the center of competence as a network hub for AR&VR, the place to inspire and influence the XR activities within Audi AG.
With his private label, advisXR, Jan advises startups and fosters network activities to drive and deliver the future in the field of XR. In his mission for an open XR ecosystem, he establishes strategic partnerships and supports aspiring as well as established companies on their journey through the digital transformation.

Company Presentation

Driven by the principles of open innovation and a holistic, cross-industry approach, advisXR supports creating awesome things and connects you with the world outside.

Personal Profile
Sol Rogers
Founder & CEO – Rewind
Sol Rogers is the CEO and Founder of REWIND. The pioneering studio uses new technologies to deliver immersive (VR/AR/MR) solutions for the world’s largest companies, agencies, and brands. Sol is also the Chairman of the BAFTA Immersive Entertainment Advisory Group and the Chairman of Immerse UK, the first nation-wide network for immersive companies. Prior to founding REWIND, Sol was a senior university lecturer for 15 years in digital animation, VFX and emerging technology. Teaching over 1,300 students, writing four degrees, two masters, and supervising PHDs during his tenure.

Company Presentation
REWIND is a pioneering production studio that pushes the realms of possibility to create new realities—virtual, mixed, and augmented—to shape the future of entertainment and media.

Personal Profile
Nils Wollny
CEO & co-founderholoride
Nils has extensive experience in strategy, digital business and innovation. He worked as the managing director at one of Europe’s leading digital agencies before he joined Audi as Head of Digital Business. In this role, he was responsible for digital services and platforms. Nils is passionate about mobility and media and was named as one of the “40 under 40” high-potential managers by the renowned German publication “Automobilwoche” in 2018. That same year Nils co-founded holoride – a spin-out from Audi focussing on the next generation of in-car entertainment. Since February 2019 Nils serves as the CEO of holoride which has been named 4x “Best of CES 2019” and acknowledged by TIME Magazine as one of `The 100 Best Inventions of 2019´.

Company Presentation

The German startup holoride creates an entirely new media category for passengers by connecting XR content with data points from the vehicle in real-time. These data points include physical feedback like acceleration and steering, traffic data, as well as travel route and time.
Open to all content creators and car companies, the technology has the power to change backseat entertainment forever; holoride technology significantly reduces motion sickness, opens up for a new layer of immersion in games or educational journeys, and creates a stunningly immersive experience.
The tech startup was founded end of 2018 in Munich, Germany by Nils Wollny, Marcus Kuehne, Daniel Profendiner, and Audi, which holds a minority interest in the startup. It was hailed four times “Best of CES” (Las Vegas, January 2019), is part of the global innovation platform “Startup Autobahn” powered by Plug and Play, and has been acknowledged by TIME Magazine as one of “The Best Inventions of 2019”.