JUNE 8 & 9, 2020 TRACKS

Immersive Storytelling

Life inside a digital synthesizer

Melodie Mousset – Patch.XR

As technology takes a leap, art and culture changes with it. How do we leverage new advances in interfacing, interactivity, spatial computing and XR to create new tools for musicians and artists? Is it finally time for an entirely new format? We are attacking this question by giving sound a visual, interactive dimension, and we will be presenting the current stage of our modular sound engine for VR.

Personal Profile
Melodie Mousset
Artist | Co-founder – Patch.XR

Melodie Mousset is an awarded transmedia artist, founder of HanaHana GmbH and co-founder of PatchXR. Melodie ‘s work explores the elusive boundary of the self, portraying life expanded by technological discoveries and metamorphosis.
As a creative director of PatchXR, Melodie oversees the ideation and production of the artists tools of tomorrow.
Eduardo Fouilloux is a creative technologist and co-founder and director of PatchXR.
His work explores the intersections between computer Interaction, sound, code, and stories. His goal is to make the way we interact with technology more playful and expressive. As lead and director of PatchXR, a pioneering software in virtual reality sound interaction, Edo manages and draws on the input of a large group of creatives to forge a new way of thinking and making sound and music.

Company Presentation
Patch XR
Coders, fascinated by the way technology and culture feeds into and changes one another. Founded in 2020, Our mission is to kickstart a “Living ecosystem” for Music and Art to thrive in the exciting times of Mixed Realities.