JUNE 8 & 9, 2020 TRACKS

Games Cinematics

Embracing a real-time pipeline

Michael Zaman – Axis Studios

From everything from game cinematics to previs, how Axis is embracing real-time to remove barriers to creativity with real-time workflows.

Personal Profile
Michael Zaman
Head of Realtime – Axis Studios

Michael breathes life into imagination as Head of Realtime at Axis Studios. Michael received first class honours in games gesign at Sheffield Hallam University, after which he joined game publisher and distributor OG International as a 3D and tech artist.
Since then, Michael has held senior positions in Lockwood Publishing and Hamburg’s Goodgame Studios, working on projects for the likes of Playstation and for both PC and mobile platforms.
He joined Axis in 2016 as a Lead Character Artist, where he contributed his talents to a range of triple AAA game projects. His expertise in pipeline optimisation, game engine implantation, and team management make him an indispensable asset to the entire Axis crew and has seen him rise through the ranks to Head of Realtime.

Company Presentation
Axis Studios

Axis is a multi award-winning animation and VFX studio.
Specialising in diversity, we’ve built a global reputation for creating commissioned and original entertainment experiences in Film, Television, Games and Theme Parks.
Axis Studios is building on our track record of creating narratively compelling work in animated entertainment & VFX, to originate and deliver groundbreaking content of the highest quality that engages audiences worldwide.