JUNE 8 & 9, 2020 TRACKS

Virtual Production Region By Region: Europe

12 Years of Virtual Production at Stiller Studios

Host: Terrence Masson – SVA MFA Computer Arts
Panelists Presentation
Patrik Forsberg – Stiller Studios
Fredrik Darum – Stiller Studios

Stiller Studios has been one of the pioneers of virtual production in Europe. Join in on a 12 year journey from building the studio to mixed reality production

Personal Profile
Terrence Masson
Chair – SVA MFA Computer Arts

Personal Profile
Patrik Forsberg
Creative Director – Stiller Studios

Personal Profile
Fredrik Darum 
Head of R&D – Stiller Studios


Fredrik Darum is the digital alchemist at Stiller Studios, a Stockholm based studio pioneer in virtual production, creating tools for real-time production with state of the art motion control, motion capture and real-time engines for next generation storytelling.