JUNE 8 & 9, 2020 TRACKS

Immersive Storytelling – Keynote

Enter The Tomb: A Cinematic VR Exhibit

Gary Marshall – The Third Floor

Behind the scenes of the production of “Enter The Tomb” – a museum VR exhibit showcasing the wonder of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. Learn how The Third Floor worked to wrangle high resolution real world assets and textures into a compelling narrative that puts the audience directly in Howard Carter’s shoes.

Personal Profile
Gary Marshall
Creative Technology Supervisor & VFX Designer – The Third Floor


Embarking on a career in London’s thriving VFX scene in 2002 with a focus on performance capture, Gary contributed to a series of high profile movies and games before relocating to NZ in 2009 to work on Cameron’s ‘Avatar’. Much was learned on this groundbreaking set before returning to the UK a few years later to build a virtual production stage for Warner Bros’ ‘Gravity’. It was on this stage where Gary pushed VProd techniques to the bleeding edge of emerging game-engine visualization & virtual reality tools. This effort would lead to NYC where he led a host of high ambition location-based projects requiring complex fusion of hardware, software and real time graphics for Framestore Digital.
Gary was technical lead of the team that created Lockheed’s 2016 ‘Field Trip to Mars’ experience – the critically acclaimed world’s first headset-free, group VR experience. He joined the TTF team in 2017 to lead innovation and R&D efforts, after a tour of duty at Disney Imagineering’s Advanced Development Group, working on next-gen computer-vision, machine learning and real-time graphics technologies for a number of future park projects.