The Role and Challenges of Visualization within the Design Environment

Jeff Meyers – Fiat Chrysler Automobile

This discussion will examine the progression of analog (physical model) development to digital, exploring the requirement of making timely design decisions visualizing geometric data and related inputs. I will discuss the hurdles that inhibit the acceleration of those decisions, and the value of real-time visualization in conjunction with the continued use of physical models in automotive design.

Personal Profile
Jeff Meyers
Former Head of Visualization & Technology – Fiat Chrysler Automobile

Jeff Meyers began his journey in the automotive world back in the late 70’s working as a detailer creating engineering drawings on a drafting board. In the early 80’s Jeff moved to product development to develop seatbelt systems with a CAD system developed by GE/Calma. In 1983, Jeff hired into Chrysler as a studio engineer, for clay model feasibility and engineering support. By 1985, the company was beginning a transformation to CAD and his group began development work with Evans and Sutherland to develop CDRS. His career afforded him a view into the transition from analog to digital development. In his final years with FCA Jeff pursued a vision of a visualization pipeline throughout the vehicle development cycle. Since retiring Jeff has worked as a consultant for several visualization companies lending his knowledge of visualization as well organizational processes.

Company Presentation
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