The Quantum Leap of Design – How former CERN scientists expanded car design to VR

Jonas Kunze –  Flyingshapes GmbH

Transitioning from 2D sketching to designing 3D objects is easy and fun in virtual reality. Former CERN physicists Jonas Kunze and Dr. Johannes Mattmann developed a software that gives you the freedom to explore your creativity beyond the boundaries of a flat piece of paper. Learn how to easily add another dimension to your design ideas, how this new workflow will enhance your creative workflow and how this tool will upgrade design cycles as well as team communication in the automotive industry.

Personal Profile
Jonas Kunze
Founder – Flyingshapes GmbH

Jonas Kunze studied physics with a minor in computer science in Germany and received his Diploma in 2012. He worked as a research assistant for four more years with a focus on high-performance networking for the NA62 experiment at CERN. Before and after finishing his studies he worked on startup projects, one of which was a social network with more than 10000 users. After graduation, Jonas worked as a freelance consultant, trainer and software developer for different international customers in the IT sector. Together with Johannes Mattmann, Jonas founded flyingshapes° in 2018 and has been in charge of the product development from the beginning.

Company Presentation

flyingshapes° is a design software developer that markets a revolutionary tool for drawing objects entirely in virtual reality. From the first sketch to the final 3D model any design can be created with a standard VR headset and its controllers or a VR stylus. By comfortably working in a single digital 3D environment designers can now avoid time-consuming transfers between paper, screen and physical models. At the same time the designer is able to experience the spatial quality of the product without the need for analog model building. This approach makes the design process faster, more efficient, and lets creators focus on their core task of coming up with awesome ideas.