Mixed Reality for Navigation Guidance: merging the phycial world with the virtual one in real time

Andrey Golubinskiy – Apostera

Mixed Reality with occlusion experience fundamentally changes the way how we navigate. It improves not only the driving experience of today’s vehicles and increases usage of ADAS systems by visualizing what car “sees and thinks”, but also the future ones with autonomous driving capabilities by keeping the passengers informed about the behavior of their vehicles, thereby developing trust and increasing overall security.

Personal Profile
Andrey Golubinskiy
CEO – Apostera

Andrey Golubinskiy is the Co-founder and CEO of Apostera. Twelve years of history in the Automotive industry, Europe, Asia, and US regions. Skilled in Management, Navigation, ADAS Systems and Telematics, Leadership and Risk Management

Company Presentation

Apostera is a pure Automotive software product company with the vision of bringing mobility world that we all leave today to a new area of unavoidable tomorrow – area of autonomy. Apostera’s Mixed Reality Platform is already trusted by Premium OEMs Worldwide.
The Company was established at the beginning of 2017 by Team of experts in Automotive, Navigation, machine learning (AL), Computer Vision (CV), and sensor fusion technologies with more than 10 years of production project experience in the field.
Today with over 105 employees worldwide, we are developing the Mixed Reality Navi Platform in our sites in Munich, Kyiv, Odesa, and Sankt-Petersburg and play the role of Tier1 in Automotive space.