Exposing XR Real Time Challenges Behind The Curtain

Lukas Stranger  – Nekonata
Peter Alexander Kopciak – Nekonata

Mixed and Virtual Reality are the leading buzzwords in the industry: everyone does it, but no one talks about the proper way to do it. Why are the right kind of shadows important, what kind of textures work, why can’t we just convert 2D content to VR3D, chasing the horizon and how a seatbelt can prevent motion sickness? Many small tidbits and thoughts on optimization, pitfalls and best-practices for XR content creators.

Personal Profile
Lukas Stranger
Co CEO – Nekonata

Personal Profile
Peter Alexander Kopciak
CTO – Nekonata

After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences of St. Pölten, Alex has been working on different topics across all industries. In the technological field they are engaged in AI Research, Natural Language Processing and Visual Computing, up to developing VR content, designing system architectures, and creating novel products and user experiences. Furthermore, they are working in theatre as an actor and director, honing storytelling skills and manufacturing holistic experiences for different kind of audiences.

Company Presentation
NXRT is a tech venture performing in the field of spatial computing. In 2019 the company invented the world’s first mixed reality driving simulation system using real vehicles, to create more realistic simulation approaches for diverse industries, through the power of real-time visualization