The Technological Production of Space and Multimodal Workflows

Andreea Ion Cojocaru – Numena GmbH 

Every significant technological innovation is augmenting our senses and sharpening our cognitive abilities. Immersive technologies are in the business of creating new types of spaces. This talk will discuss the concept of multimodality and the importance of developing workflows that take advantage of the unique affordances of each space type.

Personal Profile
Andreea Ion Cojocaru
Geschaftsfuhrerin / Co-Founder – Numena GmbH Linkedin

Andreea Ion Cojocaru is an architect​ and programmer. She is co-founder & CEO at NUMENA, an award-winning German company that develops interactive virtual ​applications and designs physical buildings. Andreea has practiced across the US and Europe and is fluent in a wide range of mediums covering coding, 3D modeling, architectural design, gaming and graphics. She has a deep interest in the social and philosophical implications of immersive technologies and is a frequent guest speaker on the impact of virtual reality​.​

Company Presentation
NUMENA is an interdisciplinary creative studio that designs and programs spatial experiences. The projects range from interactive virtual simulations to physical buildings and tell stories at the intersection of technology, beauty and human experience. NUMENA believes that isolated disciplines are a thing of the past and that we will soon live life across multiple realities, each with its own physical laws, bodies and affordances.