Special Interest Group

About the Real Time Community Education Special Interest Group

The RealTime Community Education Special Interest Group (RTS Education SIG) is a dynamic platform designed to foster connections between members of the Real-Time Community (RTC) industry and academic partners. Our primary goal is to cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships while facilitating the exchange and promotion of educational programs and resources. The RTS Education Committee is dedicated to a wide array of initiatives aimed at strengthening the RTC industry pipeline, with a specific focus on Real-Time technologies, including Virtual Production. These endeavors encompass developing curriculum guidelines, offering instructional resources, organizing educational conferences, and engaging in outreach activities.

RTC Education SIG Goals
  • Develop Global Online Resources: We are committed to creating comprehensive online resources for educators that will define the knowledge base for emerging Real-Time technologies. We aim to identify essential curriculum components and core competencies while providing innovative learning tools and pedagogical approaches.
  • Support Technology Advancement: Our SIG seeks to support projects and activities that drive the development and implementation of Real-Time technologies. We actively participate in the advancement of this field to keep it at the forefront of innovation
  • Strengthen Educational Communities: We strive to connect educational communities involved in teaching Real-Time curriculum to enhance the educational process and foster a culture of innovation.
  • Support RTC Education: We work towards bolstering the Real Time Community by developing conference-related activities that enhance awareness, learning, and networking.
  • Foster Research and Innovation: Our long-term vision includes the creation of an RTC Accelerator Program or Proof of Concept initiative to promote research and innovation in emerging Real-Time technologies.
  • Bridge Industry and Academia: We aim to bridge the gap between the RTC industry and academic training programs, interns, and various training resources. By facilitating these connections, we hope to create a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties.

Matt Brunner

Digipen Institute of Technology

Rick Dakon

Professor Creative Writing, Ringling College of Art and Design

Mary Clarke Miller

Berkeley City College, Virtual production academy / technical Artist program a Six Community College collaboration

Martin Murphy

Head of Virtual Reality at Ringling College of Art and Design

Brian Pohl

Technical Program Manager / Previs Supervisor / Educator / Consultant

Kevin Leeper

Technical lead for Virtual Production at the Regional Virtual Production Academy

Kathryn Brillhart

Virtual Production Supervisor // Cinematographer

Greg Mitchel

Director of Cinematic Storytelling

Diana Diriwaechter

Post Secondary Director Epic Games

Louis Normandin

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at Wild Capture