Rotimi Seriki

Visualization Manager
HOK Architects

Track: Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)
Date: Monday April 6, 2020
Location: New York – Museum of the Moving Image
Room: Summer M. Redstone
Time: 17:00 > 17:30 pm

Digital Mitosis: Architectural design in a digital age
The presentation will focus on the use of AR and VR as both a design tool, and a presentation tool. I will also touch the idea of digital twin and how it will change the architecture, construction and engineering (AEC) industries.

Personal Profile
Rotimi Seriki
Visualization Manager
HOK Architects
Rotimi Seriki is a Visualization Manager and a firm-wide expert in Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies. A native of Nigeria, Rotimi moved to New York at the age of 18 where he completed his Bachelor of Technology, Architecture at the City College of New York.
Since joining HOK in 2014, Rotimi has single handedly led the studio’s 3D and architectural visualization efforts, paving the way for the adoption of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies across the industry. Moreover, he manages the studio’s visualization production process, collaborating with architects, designers and consultants on an array of projects across multiple sectors.

Company Presentation
HOK Architects
HOK is a global architecture and engineering firm with 24 offices around the world.