Kim Baumann-Larsen

Dimension Design

Track: Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)
Date: Monday April 6, 2020
Location: New York – Museum of the Moving Image
Room: Summer M. Redstone
Time: 9:00 > 9:30 am

Toward a Virtual Architecture
Kim Baumann Larsen will present a case study on the architectural virtual meeting and workspace created for VR startup Dimension10’s VR collaboration and visualisation software for the AEC industry. He will discuss the inspiration for the project in the architecture and theories of Frank Lloyd Wright resulting from his stay at the Fallingwater Immersive Design Residency, and the art and science of the process, including environmental psychology and visual storytelling used to shape this and other comfortable virtual architectural spaces. Kim will describe how design was used to evoke desired emotions, thoughts and actions in the users to ensure the virtual spaces shape the human experience in positive and inspiring ways.

Personal Profile
Kim Baumann-Larsen
Dimension Design

A licensed architect, 3D artist, educator and VR designer with 25 years of industry experience, Kim has focused on designing, producing and publishing interactive augmented reality apps, serious games and VR experiences for the past eight years. His first work in virtual reality was with the Houston VR startup CyberSim in 1995. An entrepreneur at heart, Kim has started up two design visualisation companies, runs his own VR and AR design and consulting company Dimension Design and is a co-director of Digital Storytelling, a multi-disciplinary arena of seminars and workshops in Norway on innovative and creative use of storytelling in film, games and interactive experiences. He holds a part-time position as Future Pilot at Kulturtanken – Arts for Young Audiences producing XR art experiences, teaches VR design at Kristiania University College and is a frequent speaker at international events like SIGGRAPH, Laval Virtual, fmx, SplitX, VIEW, Mundos Digitales, and EUE. Kim is a member of the Unified Jury for the SIGGRAPH 2020 Conference, and is a co-founder of XR Norway and Norwegian Interactive Storytellers.

Company Presentation
Dimension Design
Dimension Design, established in 1995, provides AR and VR design and consulting, specializing in architecture for virtual environments for business and entertainment and the design and production of interactive narrative XR experiences that combine visual storytelling and virtual architectural spaces.