XR for Entertainment

Technical Uses and Artistic Insights

Frank Gallego

XR Technology (AR, VR, MR, Game Engines, etc) has provided new platforms for storytelling and enabled novel workflows to accelerate/enhance the process of creating traditional media. For technicians, where is this being applied currently, and what are the challenges and facilitators for adoption? For storytellers, how does this change the creative process, and what are the considerations for distribution? This panel brings together content creators and R&D practitioners from across different facets of the entertainment industry to talk about how XR technology has evolved legacy practices and where we anticipate such trends to play a key role going forward.

Personal Profile
Frank Gallego
Co-Founder – Chanclazo Studios

Frank Gallego is a 30-year veteran of the visual effects and animation industries, he has worked at DreamWorks Animation, Digital Domain, and Manex Visual Effects. His film credits include innovative work on Academy Award-winning films such as What Dreams May Come, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, as well as the Academy Award-nominated films I, Robot, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, and The Matrix.

Company Presentation
Chanclazo Studio

Chanclazo Studios is an animation film studio at the forefront of producing and distributing film quality short and long form animated video, virtual reality, and augmented reality experiences for, and tailored to, a Latino audience.
The studio was founded by visual effects, technology, and animation industry veterans, including visual effects veteran Frank Gallego, academy award winning visual effects supervisor and director Hoyt Yeatman, technology entrepreneurs Randy Levy and Matthew Telleria, award winning radio personality Oswaldo Diaz, and veteran Latin producer, Nestor Rocha.
Chanclazo Studios partners with Entravision Communications, a leading media company serving the Latino population in the U.S. with fifty-six television stations and forty-nine Spanish-language radio stations.


Kaki Navarre
Director, Content Technology – Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International

Kelsey Wong
Producer – Magnopus

Colleen O’Hagan
Head Of Studio Engineering – RYOT | Verizon Media

Luke Ritchie
Head of XR & Interactive Arts – Nexus Studios