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Remote Immersive Collaboration

Mathias Wochnig

Reduction of travel is a must, not only because of Corona, but also to save the enviroment. However, often people need to discuss complex data and have a need for 3D visualization during the meeting.
The rollout of a VR conferencing system can only be sustainable, if it can be embedded into existing company workflows. How do we get people to instantly create VR meetings with embedded 3D visualizations of the topics they want to dicuss.

Personal Profile
Mathias Wochnig
CEO & Founder – VR-On

Mathias Wochnig has a degree in media technology and fifteen years of experience in the field of virtual and augmented reality. Before founding vr-on GmbH in early 2016, he held various management positions at Dassault Systemes 3DEXCITE GmbH and A.R.T. GmbH.

Company Presentation

Based in Munich, the vr-on GmbH offers individual and comprehensive virtual and augmented reality solutions for customers in the B2B sector. When developing solutions, vr-on consistently relies on the use of game engines.
With STAGE, vr-on offers an innovative product for collaborative work in virtual reality that is already being used by customers from various industries.