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Metasketching, The Science Behind Ideation

Mike Jelinek

During this talk Mike will discuss his theories and studies behind MetaSketching and sketching as an externalization of our thinking process, the neuroscience behind it and finally few theories how we can make such process even more efficient. The presentation focuses on the process of forming new ideas across creative disciplines and attempts to bring it into the scientific context of neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Among the other things, the audience will discover how our bodies contribute to the creative process, and how our physical interactions, such as gestures and strokes, represent the integral component of the ideation mechanics.

Personal Profile
Mike Jelinek
Senior Product Manager
Social Media

Mike is a concept designer who worked on projects such as Terminator Dark Fate (Tim Miller/Jim Cameron) or Dubai’s museum of the future exhibition research (Tellart). Notwithstanding his industrial design background, Mike is passionate about ideation and human perception in the design context, which is also a subject matter of his doctorate research.

Company Presentation
Wacom is a Japanese producer of graphics tablets and related products. Wacom serves a broad range of creative customers across the world from film and animation, auto-design and manga. Wacom also supports leading enterprises in medical, education and financial services as well as leading IT partners with innovative user interface technologies and solutions.