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Real-Time Digi-Doubles with Physics Simulation & ML

James Jacobs – Ziva Dynamics

Real-time digital humans are for so much more than games and entertainment. Discover how Ziva Dynamics is introducing film-quality RT humans to the next wave of user technologies, disrupting how we conceptualize, produce, test, and interact with the world around us. Ziva Dynamics CEO & CO-Founder James Jacobs will be demonstrating the latest Ziva technology that is powering real-time digital humans with unfettered transmedia and transmarket applications.

Personal Profile
James jacobs
CEO – Ziva Dynamics

Academy award winner and Ziva Dynamics CEO & Co-Founder, James Jacobs is a seasoned visual effects veteran with 25 years of industry experience. After having lead and contributed to teams at numerous VFX and animation studios, including Weta Digital, Digital Domain, Dreamworks, Mr. X and Method Studios, Jacobs embarked on his own journey to empower artists, developers, and creators with the tools to make better virtual characters, in any space.

Company Presentation
Ziva Dynamics

Founded in early 2015 by Academy Award-winner James Jacobs and Dr. Jernej Barbic, Ziva Dynamics is a Vancouver-based software company that specializes in character simulation and real-time tools. Ziva’s flagship technology, Ziva VFX, is currently used by over 90 of the leading studios around the world, powering the highest-quality character simulations for blockbuster films, TV series, and commercials. The team’s expertise in physics simulation and interoperable technologies is driving the foremost research, tools, and development in the real-time character space.