JUNE 8 & 9, 2020 TRACKS

Man & Machine Interactions – Talk

How to prepare your Real Time Production Teams for a Controller-less VR era?

Dennys Kuhnert Holonautic 
Roger Kung – Holonautic

Hand Tracking has just become an official feature of Oculus Quest and it is a matter of months that it will become an industry standard. But why hand tracking is important for enterprise use cases and mass adoption? How does it remove barriers for non-VR end users? How will it help companies to scale XR way more easily without needing of a controller management system? Why hand tracking is also essential for MR experiences? The essential Inverse Kinematics and Physics Based Interaction tools and best practices available on the market.

Personal Profile
Dennys Kuhnert
Founder & COO of Holonautic 
Roger Kung
Founder & CEO of Holonautic

Fascinated by the endless opportunities in VR, Swiss ETH graduates Roger Kung and Dennys Kuhnert founded next-gen VR studio Holonautic in 2018. Their team of seven created Holoception, a new type of hybrid VR game available on Steam and the Oculus Store and they recently released long awaited Hand Physics Lab on Sidequest. Both instructors bring diverse expertise to the table. Roger has a degree in Economics, Life Sciences, and Computer Science, while Dennys has a degree in Bioengineering. With the viral success of their interactive experiments with Oculus Quest hand tracking, they’re excited to share their knowledge and experience with you, and help push beyond the current standards of VR to build the future of spatial computing.

Company Presentation

The disguise technology platform enables creative and technical professionals to imagine, create and deliver spectacular live and virtual experiences at the highest level.
With a focus on combining real-time 3D visualisation-based software with high performance and robust hardware, and integrations with 50+ other solutions, they enable the delivery of challenging creative projects at scale and with confidence.