JUNE 8 & 9, 2020 TRACKS

Games Cinematics – Keynote

A Cinematic Challenge – Going Real-Time in Gears 5

Greg Mitchell – The Coalition Studio – Microsoft

Real-time cutscenes have always been a part of the Gears of War franchise, but the pre-rendered Cinematics Team at The Coalition had much to learn in making the transition to creating them for Gears 5. Here’s your chance to hear first-hand how the team tackled the challenges in developing real-time scenes in conjunction with the game designers. Find out the motivation behind their decision, the obstacles they faced along the way, and see examples of what team created in making the jump to real-time!

Personal Profile
Greg Mitchell
Cinematics Director – The Coalition Studio – Microsoft

Greg Mitchell has spent over a decade as Cinematics Director for the award-winning video game series, Gears of War. After previously working 15 years in television, Greg ventured into video game cinematics in 2005 and contributed to titles such as Mortal Kombat, Infinity Blade, Bulletstorm, and Shadow Complex. Greg has held positions at Midway and Epic Games, and now drives the cinematic vision for Gears of War at The Coalition Studio in Vancouver, B.C.